4 Effective Tips To Improving Google Ranking

When we publish a website or blog, one of the main concerns concerns SEO optimization and placement in Google. Many wonder how the SERP can climb the results of the well-known search engine, because the higher the position occupied in the results pages, the more traffic and visits that will reach our pages.

Being well placed on Google is like building a multiple-lane digital highway leading to your site, and any web page, though interesting and well-built is nothing if it can not be reached by users.

Given the importance of being present on the front pages of Google to improve our website’s search engine rankings, we can follow the below mentioned 4 SEO tricks by SEO Agency in Los Angeles, which if applied correctly, over time will offer great results by raising our ranking or keeping it stable in the positions acquired with so much work and with huge investments.

  1. SEO Website, a matter of internal links

Often it is not relevant to the use of internal links. Instead, it is of crucial importance to enrich all the contributions and texts on our website with a series of links that point to our own pages. New content will have to focus on the most ubiquitous ones to create a story and continuity of arguments, and thus show Google that they have different resources for a similar theme. However, we should avoid the old-fashioned anchor text.

  1. Speed ​​up your website


 Many think it’s a nonsense, but Google has stated that ranking a rank takes into account the speed of our site’s response. The reason is simple: Slow response websites would also slow the operation of the well-known search engine and a slow Google would be a Google with many less users. Mountain View does not want this to happen, so they penalize slow sites in rank. To understand where our pages are to improve, we can use a tool that Google makes available to us: Google Page Speed. Using it is also easy for first-time users.

  1. Linking, but not to a website that goes down in the rank

It’s important to include external links in our content, but we always try to link sources or other content that resides on high rank or stable sites. In fact, if we continually point to downgraded sites, our website would be dragged down the SERP, like a sinking ship! 

  1. Systematic Updates to Website Pages


Another trick to improving our rank in the SERP is to constantly update the news and content on our pages. In search results, Google prefers to display high-page content with ever-new content and thus penalize the most ubiquitous content.

  1. Improve the click-through rate


If we link to our Google Webmaster Tools service, we note that the platform keeps track of the click-through rate. This parameter is important for scaling positions and if Google realizes that the click-through profile is low for the position we are occupying, it declares to us.

For these reasons, we need to optimize content titles and meta descriptions by using some magic words, like How to do it, Free, Tips for, Why, A Makeup for, Great Opportunity, etc. Another way to increase click-through rate is by using the Google Authorship service.

So these were the helpful tips from SEO company in Los Angeles to improve your Google ranking without any penalty.

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