Gift Ideas to Please any Tech Lover

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for somebody, the task itself is hard enough without adding to the equation that the person is a tech lover, and you barely know how to turn on your phone and make a call!

If this sounds like a familiar situation, then this article is here to help with some great gift idea for the tech lover in your life.


No, not credit on a credit card. Not a store gift card. App-Store credit.

An app stores account is the account which you and they use to download apps into your phone or tablet. While most of the apps are free, many require purchase with much more requiring further purchases inside the app.

Buying app-store credit is a great way to give the gift of a useful app or game or even in-game process without knowing anything about what types of apps or games the recipient likes. You simply need to find out whether they have a phone running iOS (iPhone) or an Android-based phone (essentially, everything else).


Despite what you might think, even tech lovers enjoy going out to concerts and to local tech conventions. If you know of an event coming up, check the Groupon Coupons page for StubHub to pick up some tickets at a discounted price. One of the great benefits of this tip is that the money saved can often be spent buying another ticket, meaning you and the recipient can each enjoy the event!

A Drone

If you have heard buzzing in the sky and looked up to see a small device hovering above you, then you have seen a consumer grade drone. Drones come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, tech fans love them! If your recipient loves gadget then a drone can make the perfect gift!

The best way to shop for a drone is to use your price as a gauge, however, it’s important that you find a drone with a camera attached. This is the best way for the recipient to enjoy using the drone straight away by filming their own party and showing off their new gift to their friends and family.

Wireless Headphones

Have you ever walked around the street and seen people talking to themselves? Well, it seems that way anyway, given that they don’t have any cords from their headphones to their phones. What you are seeing are wireless headphones. Using advances in Bluetooth technology, wireless headphones have come a long way and are starting to become a mainstream product, with the likes of Apple adding AirPods to their product lineup.

When it comes to choosing Bluetooth headphones, look for ones which come with the longest battery life and ones which you can easily plug a cord into and use them should the battery run out of juice.

When it comes to buying gifts, it isn’t an exact art, you just have to use some tips, the information that you know about the person, and good old-fashioned luck!

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